Happy 25th birthday to me

Well today is finally my 25th birthday, I finally got over a bug I had, yesterday and though im up super early im still kind of happy but im also not, only cause Im not gonna be able to celebrate it this month due to not having to not having the money to….. ohh well there’s always next month to make it up.


Horror fanatics

I can’t possibly be the only one who enjoys a hot shower and laying in bed past midnight and enjoy an old classic horror movie before bed.

As ghost face once asked,

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

New to blogging

I’m actually not much of a blogger but more of a vlogger.

Its the same with journaling which lead me to this site, I started journaling around the 24th of this month, yesterday I got back into it and found myself writing for nearly the whole day!

I looked up some ideas what to write about from pintrest and one pin was about blogging and this site was number one on the list.

So I go and check it out and wanted to give this site a chance, I’m gonna try to keep up a daily or weekly blog and hopefully gain some insperation.